Uwo-Water myUwo portal version v2.10.3

New Features and Enhancements


This version supports multiple languages. By default, the language of the browser is used. The language can be changed via the small country flag on the top right for each session as well as specify in the respective user account.

The changes at a glance:

  • New: Multilingual Support
  • New: Level graphic zoom function
  • Change: Adaptation to new Uwo-Water website
  • Change: Adjustments to current browsers
  • Fix: Some controls sometimes inactive


The changes at a glance:
  • New: Simultaneous login from different web browsers
  • New: Additional password prompt when
    • change your own e-mail adress
    • add / delete UwoIDs
    • delete own account
  • Change: Display Fullstand% increases
  • Change: Water meter under level shifted to "Status"
  • Change: "My Account" ranges grouped
  • Change: "Device List" display from a registered device.
  • Change: Move / add individual menu items
  • Fixed: Graphic update after screen change (rotate, size)
  • Fixed: Incorrect / incomplete messages related to account details changes.
  • Fixed: Reusing emails from already deleted accounts


Version 2.02 offers not only bug fixes but also new features:
  • The ability to add UwoIDs to an existing account has been enhanced:
    • Add now is also available when logged in (My Account and My Devices sections).
    • If several devices are already registered, you can delete them under "My devices" (options to the right of the UwoID).
    The last device can not be deleted, at least one device must always be assigned to one account. To delete this device must the account itself will be deleted.
  • You can now delete your own account ("My Account" section). This also clears the devices associated with this account.
The changes at a glance:
  • New: "My Devices" Add UwoID
  • New: "My Devices" Additional options dialog for each device ("Delete", etc ...)
  • New: Add my account "UwoID
  • New: My account "Delete account
  • Change: Error page adapted to page layout
  • Fixed: Security - "myUWO" Display unallocated devices through fake POST message


In addition to bug fixes, version 2.01 also offers improvements in particular during display refresh after page switching.

New is the ability to register more UwoIDs to existing accounts:

  • If you are already logged in, you must first log out.
  • Go to Sign in and click on '' create myUWO 'account "
  • Enter the same credentials of your existing account but with a new UwoID
  • Select "Create Account"
After that log in again and you can access both the former and the newly registered UwoID.

Note: In general, only unregistered UwoIDs can be registered or added to an existing account.

  • Improvement: Version Details Not Always Callable / Display on Separate Page
v2.01 at a glance::
  • New: Register multiple UwoIDs per user
  • New: "Device list" for users of multiple UwoIDs
  • New: version details at portal version number (lower right)
  • Improvement: Responsive Flip Menu for Smartphones / Small Window Sizes
  • Improvement: "myUWO" Page refresh display refresh did not always work
  • Improvement: "stay logged in": Runtime increased to 14 days
  • improvement: "stay logged in" cookie treatment improves
  • Change: WLAN Icons replaces
  • Change: "myUwo" - Sequence Setting Operation / Automatic swapped
  • Fixed: "myUwo" - switch operation / automatic was not always updated
  • Fixed: Graphic chart was not always updated


  • New: Portal Startup with standard function (User Accounts for UwoIDs)